Hairfall in women – Causes & Remedies

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It is a myth that hair loss or alopecia is a disorder of hair that impacts only males. On the other hand, the fact is that, a great number of women are affected with hair loss in much earlier stage in their life. If the statistics are to be believed, about 40% of females come up with marked signs of hair loss before they even turn 50. Hair is one of the best assets a girl or a woman can have; and losing that can be wrecking for their emotional well being as well as self-image.

Female pattern baldness is an alternative term for Feminine pattern hair loss (FPHL). Male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia can be spotted easily, but it’s not the case with feminine pattern hair loss. In this condition, diffused thinning of hair takes place as a result of increased hair loss or decrease in amount of scalp hair. In androgenetic alopecia, men generally have loss of hair or bald patch over the scalp. Whereas in feminine pattern hair loss, some women develop thin hair at the forehead and which then results in receding hair line as the age advances.

What are the causative factors responsible for producing hair loss?

  • Aging does play a significant role in developing hair loss in females, who have crossed the age of 50.
  • Feminine pattern baldness is said to run in family; however how it is inherited is not yet known. Genetic predominance is said to be one of the factors, and these genes could be passed down from either of the parents, or both. Nevertheless, the role of genes is not yet appropriately determined by the Science and hence, it is a non reliable fact.
  • Hormonal imbalance is one of the most important and the commonest causes for female pattern hair loss nowadays. Nowadays, even women are having a high pressure lifestyle; they are stressed out due to long working hours; in fact, some women even smoke and consume alcohol regularly which can contribute in losing their hair. All these factors play a role in developing hair loss in some way or the other.

Also, one of the prime reasons for feminine pattern hair loss nowadays, is that the age of menarche (first menstrual cycle) has come down to 8-9 years. The age at which females get married is 30 or above; thereby increasing the age at which they deliver a child. These factors are responsible for creating hormonal imbalances in females. Also the work stress & consumption of oral contraceptives, add on to it.

Majority of women that are affected by female pattern baldness do not always have an underlying hormonal abnormality. However, a few of them can have increased amount of androgens. These women tend to have acne, irregular menses and a great amount of hair on face & body. All these signs are indicative of Polycystic Ovarian syndrome (PCOS).


  • Thinning of hair takes place over the crown and on the top. It usually begins with a widening through the centre hair part.
  • The front hairline remains
  • Seldom does the hair loss progress to total or near total baldness
  • No skin sores or itching occurs on the scalp.

How can you treat female pattern baldness?

At first, it is important to diagnose the cause of female pattern hair loss.

Following are the hormone tests that can help in evaluating and assessing the cause for hair loss:

To be done on day 2 or 3 of menstrual cycle and after overnight fasting:

  1. Serum FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone)
  2. Serum LH (Luteinizing Hormone)
  3. Serum Prolactin
  4. Serum Fasting insulin
  5. Serum 17 – hydroxy Progesterone
  6. Serum Estradiol
  7. Serum Dihydrotestosterone
  8. Serum Sex Hormone Binding Globulin
  9. Serum Dehydro-epiandrosterone sulphate
  10. Serum Free Testosterone
  11. Serum Total Testosterone
  12. Serum T3, T4, TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone)


  • Obesity and increased weight stimulates insulin release and can cause hair loss. Losing weight can be very beneficial.
  • Using hair products such as the appropriate gels, aerosols, serums that are best suited for your hair which will impart a shine and wellness to your hair. Usage of styling tools like electric hair curlers, straightening iron, curling iron, etc. But you have to be extremely careful while choosing these products for your hair.
  • Androgen blockers: These help in counteracting the effect of male sex hormones viz. Testosterone on the skin. Oral medications such as cyproterone, finasteride, spironolactone, flutamide etc. Can prove beneficial in order to treat female pattern hair loss.


These are a result of one of the most recent studies. The QR 678 molecule is a mixture of 6 hair growth factors that have been said to enhance hair growth, over the scalp. Stem cells themselves lead to rise in growth factors. The QR 678 injections are themselves providing even better outcomes than stem cells as they are targeted, selective growth factors for causing hair growth and preventing hair fall and hair loss. 8 sessions of QR 678 injections that are placed 4-6 weeks apart can give wonderful results. The best part is, there are no side effects.

In summary, more and more are getting impacted with hair loss with the passing years. With the rise in hormonal imbalances, this problem will continue to grow and get even bigger. It is very crucial to first find out the underlying cause and manage the problem accordingly. The price that you bear for the treatment may be nothing compared to the price that you will have to pay, if you lose all your hair.

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